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Taste the flavours of Québec

Local producers who showcase the best of their regions. Chefs who set the table for the gastronomy of tomorrow. Exceptional culinary artisans who combine tradition and innovation to carry on their ancestral knowledge. Authentic and festive culinary experiences and fascinating connections showcasing Quebeckers’ history and way of life.

While the province’s ever-famous poutine and maple products are naturally a must-try on international visitors’ lists, Québec cuisine is far more than that. With microbreweries, cider producers, cheesemakers and winemakers, the province has no shortage of talented producers and artisans who work with the best the region has to offer. And that’s not mentioning the crab, lobster, cold water shrimp and edible seaweed fishers, who bring something truly special to the culinary scene from the sea and the St. Lawrence River. 

From the farm to the forest, and food-gathering to harvesting crops, Québec’s local culinary scene is always evolving. Growing more diverse each day, options range from the rustic to the refined and always include a warm welcome.

A flavour-focused tour of Québec means discovering culinary gems, unique gourmet experiences and fascinating encounters that showcase Quebecers’ history and way of life. All over Québec, farmers markets, festivals and flavour routes and regions celebrate its range of local flavours and cultural traditions in every season.

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