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EQUIPE La Courgerie

La Courgerie



Located in Sainte-Élizabeth, in the Lanaudière region, about 1h30 from Montreal, La Courgerie is a magnificent farm where squash is the star! Squash and pumpkins are real treasures of the land; Indigenous nations were eating them even before the arrival of the first European settlers. As soon as visitors arrive at the Courgerie, they are greeted by imposing maple trees covering a play and picnic area. A few tables have been set up for lunch or a hot cup of coffee. The squash is omnipresent: in the décor, in the games, in the various photo stations scattered around the site... Visitors have a choice: take already harvested squash or go to the field themselves with a wheelbarrow and shears and select their finds. There's also an interactive tour of the farm, where visitors can learn about the owners' farming history, and how squash is grown and cooked. Culinary demonstration workshops are available, where you can learn how to cook squash.

Photo credit: Tourisme Lanaudiere


2321 rang Grand Saint Pierre
Sainte-Élisabeth, QC
J0K 2J0

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