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St Jacobs Market

St. Jacob's Market

Farmers' Market


With a history dating back to 1952, the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is a much-loved tradition in the Waterloo Region. Still home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada, you’ll often see farmers on local roads traveling to the market by horse & buggy. 

Visit the Market to see hundreds of vendors selling a variety of items from food to art, collectibles and more. And don’t forget to visit Market Road Antiques and the St. Jacobs Outlets for more deals and unique finds. 


878 Weber St N
Woolwich, ON

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  • Tuesday8 AM – 3 PM
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  • Thursday8 AM – 3 PM
  • FridayClosed
  • Saturday7 AM – 3:30 PM
  • SundayClosed

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