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Butter Tart Trail

Butter Tart Tour

Food Trail


Taste your way across Kawarthas Northumberland along the Butter Tart Tour. This self-guided trail has over 50 stops to discover and devour one of Ontario’s most beloved treats: the butter tart.

Do you like your butter tarts soft and gooey? Crispy around the edges? With pecans or absolutely no nuts at all? We’re sure you’ll find the variation to suit your dreams and then some along this tour!

While the butter tart wasn’t invented to Kawarthas Northumberland, it was certainly perfected here. This homage to the flaky, gooey deliciousness that is the butter tart offers enthusiasts and casual enjoyers to take in the beauty of the region while filling their bellies with sweet, sweet goodness.

Galivant through the region at local bakeries, charming cafés and elegant restaurants as you discover loads of different takes on this cottage classic. Stay the night at charming inns, elegant resorts and bed and breakfasts waiting to welcome you to the region. Discover quiet towns and maybe get a little lost while you’re at it.

All you really need to think about is where you’re going to enjoy your next mouth-watering butter tart. Whether you’re planning a quick day trip, weekend romp or a full-on vacay, there’s certainly a way to incorporate the Butter Tart Tour into your life! 


Kawarthas Northumberland, ON

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