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Good Lot

GoodLot Farm & Farmstead Brewing Co.



Calling Alton, Ontario home (that’s in Peel Region), GoodLot Farm & Farmstead Brewing Co. offers up a peaceful spot for craft brew lovers to rejoice around a deliciously fresh pint of beer.

This 30-acre brew farm was purchased by Gail and Phil Winters back in 2009 when they decided to grow a test plot of hops. Well low and behold that test plot grew to 1500 plants and by 2017 they had launched GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. With a philosophy built around building and playing together for the connection of the community to the land, it’s safe to say this dream has been realized (and then some).

Constantly in the pursuit of brewing beer sustainably, the folks at GoodLot brew in an eco-renovated (airtight ‘passive-haus’ standard) converted barn powered by 20kW of solar power. Cool eh? With a goal to sequester more green energy than they produce, every part of the brewing process is scrutinized with a close eye.

Of course, the taste of the beer is also an excellent highlight for this stop and you’re going to love it! From black cherry sours to the beloved “Philsner”, there’s a full lineup of thirst-quenching beauties to try. Consider visiting and enjoying some of the delicious eats from Chef Phil Dewar, cracking a cold one and if you’re up for it, book a tour of the brewery and hop field!


18825 Shaws Creek Rd
Alton, ON
L7K 1L3

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