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Apple Pie Trail

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The Blue Mountains are waiting along the Apple Pie Trail! Travel the back roads of Southern Georgian Bay and be sure to pop those windows down so you can fill your car with the sweet smells of budding trees in the spring and ripening fruit in the summer and fall.

This self-guided trail is made up of bakeries, cideries, orchards and so much more waiting to be discovered! What are you waiting for? Download the map or the app.

You’ve made it to Apple Country! This special place boasts the moderating effects of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment meaning they have the perfect conditions for growing crunch, juicy, all-around-delicious apples.

Apple trees were introduced to Canadian soil around the 1840s. Along the Georgian Bay where large, deep water protects the apples and reduces the chances of late spring and early autumn frosts, apples thrive.

Of course, the best apples don’t necessarily mean the best pies. It takes skill and practice! With an overabundance of apples in the area and some mighty long winters, the folks in this region have had plenty of time to perfect the art of a great apple pie.

Generations of families have taken to the wood-fired oven to refine and trade recipes for their heritage apple pies and frankly, it’s paid off. Today, visitors to the Apple Pie Trail can reap the delicious rewards of generations of apple pie recipes passed down. 


796455 Grey County Rd 19
Town Of The Blue Mountains, ON
L9Y 0N8

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