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Burger Boat



Piniwa is a resort-like community where you can golf or take a scenic tube float down the Pinawa Channel. Burgers ahoy – be sure to plan a lunch stop at the Burger Boat, one of Canada’s most unique burger joints, docked at the marina. Serving burgers, of course, but also lots of other treats. 


13 Wellis Dr
Pinawa, MB
R0E 1L0

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About Canadian Beef

Canadian beef is raised with pride and care in each and every province across the country. Chances are, that just outside of city boundaries, your neighbours are depending on beef to make a living. More than 98% of cattle farms and ranches are family-run and most have been operating for generations. There are 60,000 farms and ranches with beef cattle in Canada – that’s a lot of Canadian communities built on beef! 

Raising cattle is one of the few remaining examples of animal husbandry you can see by just taking a drive in the countryside. Beef cattle grazing out in a field bears witness to the fact that Canadian beef is truly a product of the landscape – raised on the goodness that nature provides. Cattle eat locally, largely living off forage (grass) supplemented with grains or other feedstuffs available in each region of the country – potatoes in the East, corn in central Canada and typically barley and wheat out West for example. Beef is very much a product of terroir, with nuanced differences depending on the region where the cattle are raised.

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