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Alberta Ale Trail

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The Alberta Ale Trail showcases Alberta's exceptional craft beer under the vast, open skies to visitors from other provinces, territories, and nations. Leveraging the rising trend of craft beer tourism seen throughout North America, Alberta's breweries are poised to shine brightly. 

Alberta's breweries are not just expanding; they are also gaining prestige, clinching awards at both national and international competitions. The standard of Alberta's craft beer has skyrocketed alongside the industry's growth, making the journey from farm to glass a source of immense pride.

The exceptional quality of wheat and barley grown by Alberta's farmers, combined with the province's ideal water, soil, and climate conditions, contributes significantly to the distinctiveness of Alberta's beer. These conditions foster long, warm days and cool nights during the growth period, perfect for agriculture. Furthermore, the presence of hop farms within the province allows for innovative brewing techniques using both wet and dry hops, with some brewers sourcing ingredients within

The Ale Trail invites visitors to discover Alberta's offerings through a lens of adventure, independence, and a penchant for craft beer.

Spanning from the scenic resort towns and majestic peaks of the Rockies to the lively urban hubs of Calgary and Edmonton, and extending to the wilds of Northern Alberta, the agricultural heartlands of Central Alberta, and the sunny expanses of Southern Alberta, craft breweries narrate the unique stories of these locales through their beers and taprooms.

Embark on a journey along the Alberta Ale Trail to forge your unique adventure.

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About Alberta

Welcome to Alberta, where the bold, the adventurous and the free-spirited come to play. 

Alberta is home to North America’s largest mountain range. It’s where dinosaurs once roamed and where dense forests make way to open prairies. You can swim in jewel-coloured lakes, walk across glaciers and climb frozen waterfalls. If you have a Wild Side, you’ll feel right at home here. 

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