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2017 Keltic Lodge 1

The Purple Thistle



The stunning views and sophisticated flavours give this upscale restaurant its exceptional reputation. Enjoy the surrounding views of the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Highlands while you enjoy your meal. So dress up a little and treat yourself to a unique Nova Scotia dining experience—you’re on vacation, after all.


383 Keltic in Rd
Ingonish Beach, NS
B0C 1L0

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About Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island’s story is told in many ways. It’s etched in her craggy cliffs. Written in the trails that marble her face. Spoken in four languages and celebrated in her music and dance. Alive in the millennia-old history of Unama’ki—Cape Breton Island’s true name, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaw People.

To know our Island is to know she’s an unyielding beauty, one which breeds a fierce spirit, resolute pride, and resilient communities knit together by tradition. Pjila’si, Cíad Míle Fáilte, Bienvenue—welcome to a place loved by many and home to a lucky few.

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