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Wine and Beer Tours of NS pc Tourism NS Will Yang

Wine & Beer Tours of Nova Scotia

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Created in January 2018, Dawn Nickerson and Josh Ramsey combined their love for unique food and drink with their passion for exploration to create Wine & Beer Tours of Nova Scotia. From the province’s colourful culture creating delicious flavours, to friendly faces at every beautiful scenic turn, their goals are to showcase and share their love for the province and for everyone to fall in love with it as well. From tours of the beautiful waterfronts, wharfs and lighthouses to breweries, wineries and ciderhouses, they are passionate about sharing the wonderful experiences that highlight the region and its surrounding points of interest. Enjoy an exciting day with the Wine and Beer Tours of Nova Scotia!

Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia / Will Yang


Nova Scotia

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About Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, they like to say “You haven’t seen Nova Scotia until you’ve tasted Nova Scotia!” 

Nova Scotia’s vibrant food and drink scene makes it the perfect destination for those seeking culinary adventure. They have internationally recognized chefs and restaurants, an award-winning wine industry, thriving fisheries, with lobster, scallops, oysters, and more, diverse agricultural products, a booming craft beverage industry with beer, cider, spirits, and mead, coupled with breathtaking scenery and world-renowned hospitality. 

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