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Luco farms

Luco Farms



Luco Farms is a family owned business that has been growing award-winning pedigree cereal and oilseed crops since 1937. Processing mustard grown on the farm is a natural transition focused on producing high-quality, fresh mustard products that are free from artificial colourings, preservatives and other non-value added ingredients. Their vision is to provide fresh, pure “farm to fork” products that professional and home chefs can use to create new and interesting flavour profiles in their cooking. Mustard is an ancient crop that is being rediscovered. The Romans were probably the first to experiment with the preparation of mustard as a condiment. They mixed unfermented grape juice, known as “must”, with ground mustard seeds to make “burning must”, mustum ardens — hence “must ard”. A recipe for mustard appears in Apicius, the anonymously compiled Roman cookbook from the late 4th or early 5th century; the recipe calls for a mixture of ground mustard, pepper, caraway, lovage, grilled coriander seeds, dill, celery, thyme, oregano, onion, honey, vinegar, fish sauce, and oil, and was intended as a glaze for spit-roasted boar. Although it is not common to roast boar on a spit today, mustard is recognized by the slow food movement and chefs for its value in building interesting flavour profiles in new dishes. Luco Farms’ goal is to provide chefs and home cooks with hand-crafted, stone ground mustard products that are pure, fresh, and free of additives and preservatives.


Lethbridge, AB

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At the Heart of it All. Welcome to Lethbridge, a thriving epicentre of adventure, culture, cuisine and 200 km of trails that will keep your heart beating fast; and your soul stoking the coals of inspiration. 

Rugged Badlands, majestic Rocky Mountains, timeless Indigenous culture — Lethbridge is a day trip away from 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to so many amazing local attractions. With accommodations for every budget, deliciously diverse restaurants, and indulgent amenities, Lethbridge is the place to hang your hat as you discover all our incredible corner of Alberta has to offer. Also sitting at the heart of Canada's Premier Food Corridor! This means they have many local producers in the area, and plenty of restaurants creating new and innovative dining experiences from within the city limits! From Canada's Food Tours, to the Highway 3 Ale Trail, and the many events hosted in Lethbridge throughout the year, there is something to see, eat, and drink in Lethbridge!

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