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Little gem winery

Little Gem Winery



Little Gem isn’t a big wine company. It’s just Joel, Rick and Jordan—two brothers and a best friend. Joel handles the paperwork. Rick gets his hands dirty. And Jordan gets the paperwork dirty. It all works out pretty well. They have been farming in Nobleford, Alberta for three generations, working hard to build what they have. And right now, they are putting every ounce of energy into crafting a homegrown haskap wine we can all be proud to share. From the very beginning, Little Gem has focused on creating natural, low intervention wines. Instead of including excessive sulphates or other additives, they avoid overprocessing their wines so the natural notes of the haskap berry shines brightly through. However, the trio, adventurous as they are, aren’t above a little experimentation. Currently, they are working with a master winemaker to guide them through their experimentations with oaking, carbonation and mixing with other fruit wines. In the process of creating fruit wines, Little Gem thought they would branch out (even further) and take on yet another challenge: cider. A blend of haskaps and apples, the cider isn’t as wild as the wine, and so, slides neatly into its category. Perfect for patio-sipping on a warm day, the cider is bright and fruity, leaving you with subtle raspberry notes – and light bubbles on the tongue. It’s the perfect alternative to all the strong craft-brewed beers available throughout southern Alberta.


Range Rd 23-4
Nobleford, AB
T0L 1S0

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