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Thompson Okanagan Food Tells a Story

Thompson Okanagan: Where The Food Tells The Story

By Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association/

Great Taste of Canada

Slow food equals good food: good for the people who grow it, good for you the consumer, and good for the planet. 

The Thompson Okanagan is the perfect place for the farm-to-table and slow food philosophy. Purchasing locally sourced produce, meats, and dairy products is a familiar practice for the casual eateries, family-friendly spots and fine dining experiences in the Thompson Okanagan. Food here reflects the people who grow it, make it, and serve it. Locals, as well as visitors, have the chance to make an impact for small businesses and farmers when they choose to eat and shop locally-sourced products and enjoy meals at establishments that prioritize serving farm-to-table.

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Boundary County Tourism
Photo by Boundary Country Tourism/Tina Bryan

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