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The Buzz of Spring

By Jenna Labossiere/

Great Taste of Canada

Spring has the Thompson Okanagan buzzing, literally and figuratively, with the excitement for warmer weather, longer days, and the sprouting of new flowers. While residents and travelers are getting outside to enjoy the sun, the 300+ Native bee species to the Thompson Okanagan have begun to leave their hives and are hard at work pollinating the many flowers, vineyards, and orchards in the region.

All bees play a crucial role in the world’s ecosystems. They support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. Their contribution to such complex and interconnected ecosystems allows different species to co-exist. The hard work of pollinating not only benefits the plants, but also results in delicious honey. To produce one pound of honey approximately 2 million flowers need to be visited.

Sadly bees are at risk due to climate change. One of the many effects on bees due to this crisis is that the plants are blooming earlier in the year and reducing food and shelter for the bees, putting many colonies at risk. Natural disasters like forest fires and flooding are also as a result of climate change and put bee habitats and food sources at risk.

Luckily, many businesses in the Thompson Okanagan celebrate bees, provide educational services about the insects, offer delicious honey products, and work to preserve the bees. These businesses are ready to welcome visitors and are excited for you to try the fruits of the bee's labor and teach you a little bit more about the value these insects bring to the planet.

Planet Bee Honey Farm
Photo credit: Nic Collar
  • Planet Bee


    Ed Nowek, the founder of Planet Bee Honey Farm, began his career in beekeeping when he was 16 years old. Throughout his career, Ed took his beekeeping skills all over the world. In 1997 Ed opened what was then, Bee World Industries, and continued to grow his company into what is now known as Planet Bee Honey Farm. Now, the business is ran by his two children who share their dad's passion to preserve and protect the honey bees in the Okanagan and the world.

    Planet Bee Honey Farm is home to multiple honey bee hives, an interpretive garden, a honey tasting bar, and multiple local honey products ready for purchase.

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  • Meadow Vista Honey
    Photo credit: @meadowvistahoney
  • Meadow Vista Honey Wine


    Meadow Vista Honey Wine produces award winning meads that are sourced from local honey bee hives. They produce multiple styles of mead based on the way the mead is made and what is in it.

    Meadow Vista Honey Wines is passionate about protecting the local bee population and does its best to promote local beekeeping, increase awareness of bees, and provide education on bees.

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  • Lapetiteabeillecider Instagram 1191 ig 18012762022377023
    Photo credit: @lapetiteabeillecider
  • La Petite Abeille


    This cidery loves bees and incorporates their honey in three of their ciders. Their name, meaning bee in French, is a token to the cidery’s acknowledgement of how important bees are to the orchards and the planet and maintains the tradition of the prominence of bees in French histroy as their name La Petite Abeille is The Little Bee in English.

    The cidery is located on a Naramata farm called Blue Bee Orchard where you will find a working orchard, working bee hives, and Plot Twist Farm’s permaculture garden.

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  • Honeyonyx Apiary


    Family owned and run Honeyonyx Apiary is a honey farm located in Falkland BC dedicated to raising healthy and happy bees to produce delicious honey products sold throughout the Okanagan. They protect the bees by housing their hives on their farm and spreading their knowledge about the insects.

    Along with their Bee Yours Farm Store located off of Highway 97 in Falkland, you can find their honey at multiple retailers throughout the region.

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  • Arloshoneyfarm Instagram 1191 ig 17906287114993020
    Photo credit: @arloshoneyfarm
  • Arlo’s Honey Farm Inc.


    Opening on May Long Weekend, May 21st, Arlo’s Honey Farm welcomes you to enjoy the wonders of the bees and the products they create. Enjoy a tasting bar of their locally sourced honey, an education centre, and a tour of the education centre and the beehives from a safe distance.

    Arlo’s Honey is harvested in the Okanagan, is 100% Pure, Unpasteurized, and loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

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