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Tables Champêtres: The pleasures of the table... on the farm!

By Terroir et saveurs du Québec/

Great Taste of Canada

By definition, a Table Champêtre® is a farm restaurant that specializes in showcasing local produce. But in reality, its experience isn't limited to local flavors. Quite the contrary, in fact! An evening at one of Québec's Tables Champêtres® is literally an incredible gastronomic feast, a place of delectation where extraordinary encounters take place. It's an opportunity to raise a glass to the artisans, up close and personal!

This concept of "earth-to-table" dining is so unique that we've decided to trademark it. It's our way of orchestrating this table of enthusiasts to be as whimsical as possible. Here's what's in store and how Table Champêtre® can help you experience the authenticity of our region in all its splendour.

An original culinary experience

In the early '80s, the Table Champêtre® (TC) brand was born out of the desire of agricultural producers to welcome a small group of guests, the perfect excuse to prepare an absolutely fresh boustifaille, but also to share with them the fabulous journey of their know-how. A terroir meal concocted by their own chefs, with or without the help of local processors or artisans.

Since then, the Table Champêtre has been an opportunity for farmers to introduce themselves, to open up their fields, to visit them, to explain the inspiration behind their crops or livestock, to talk about their environment or, better still, simply to spend an exceptional culinary moment in good company. For producers and epicureans alike, the opportunity to talk about shared passions - local flavours, delicious local nectars and all that goes with them - is unprecedented.

What you (maybe!) didn't know about the tableaux de pays®.

  • Good to know! With a few exceptions, this label is reserved for agricultural producers. This means that conventional catering establishments cannot use the TC label.
  • From appetizer to dessert, at least 51% of the menu must come directly from the owner's farm.
  • This experience also allows you to sample unusual breeds, such as wild boar, Highland beef and veal, and kid. Cooked by specialists, there's no better time to get to know them or, better still, to taste them!
  • Of the fifteen recognized Tables Champêtres®, three have been so for over 30 years.
    They are Les Rondins, located in Mirabel in the Laurentians, Domaine de la Templerie, in Godmanchester and La Rabouillère in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton, both in the Montérégie region. In all three cases, it's thanks to the family succession that the farm's meals continue to be offered, season after season, practically since the brand's beginnings.
Table people
Photo credit: Terroir et saveurs du Québec

I believe that what makes our Table Champêtre a success is the involvement of the family, its reputation, word-of-mouth and the transmission of my passion for good food.

— François Guillon, owner of Domaine de la Templerie

Beyond the plate, recognition

The undeniable uniqueness of Tables Champêtres® du Québec is the fruit of the tenacious work of each and every producer-farmer, accompanied by a solid analysis born of the parameters of the registered trademark. As a result, obtaining such recognition is a guarantee of unparalleled expertise, as well as a reassurance that it will endure.

For me, the key to the success of our Table Champêtre lies in our desire to make our customers feel at home. Adaptability and flexibility are two important qualities enabling us to offer this feeling. Then there's attention to detail, everywhere: in the quality of our meals, in our professional service, in our exceptional outdoor environment... etc.

— Jérémie Pilon, owner of La Rabouillère

The evaluation and eligibility criteria are similar to those for a Table aux Saveurs du Terroir®:

  • Local, regional or Quebec agri-food products are used in the majority of menu items;
  • Specialties or dishes typical of the region, prepared with respect for tradition, are on the menu;
  • The culinary particularities of the region, both in preparation and presentation, are highlighted;
  • Meals demonstrate research, creativity and originality;
  • The origin of the products used is highlighted in the names of the dishes, on the menu and on the wine and beverage list;
  • The wine and beverage list features products made in Quebec, as well as craft beers, wines, ciders, spirits, sparkling waters, etc.
  • A policy of replacing imported products with local, regional and Quebec products is applied.
  • The farm's production(s) meet the majority of the table's needs and are used as a priority in the composition of all menus. Local, regional and Quebec agri-food products are used as a complement (49%).
  • The menus offered are in line with the products produced.
  • Meals are prepared and served in a house or outbuilding located on the farm site.
  • Etc.

In recent years, the craze for meals in the fields has led to the discovery of another facet of Table Champêtre®. It's even given it a new lease on life! Today, the dining room is no longer the only place for gustatory pleasures. The vastness of the estate is also given pride of place, to create an enriched experience and introduce you to the joys of enjoying a feast in the open air. Just think of the flower-filled pastures, dotted with picnic tables, under immaculate white marquees. It's hard to imagine a more bucolic setting! It's a revival that's gaining in popularity and, according to the producers, proving to be a resounding success! We invite you to join in the fun!

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