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Green Approach in the Wilderness

By Joann Pai & Bianca Bujan/

Great Taste of Canada

Canada’s west coast lures nature lovers with diverse wildlife and cultural immersion. To showcase British Columbia’s best assets, Sonora Resort takes a green approach to everything they do, working to preserve the natural surroundings while providing unparalleled experiences for guests.

Ethical Wildlife Viewing

Catch a glimpse of grizzly bears as they forage and feast along Orford River. Spot sea lions as they sunbathe on sun-drenched rocks. Ogle bald eagles as they soar above your head, and peer at porpoises as they playfully pounce along the water’s surface. Wildlife is abundant in this magnificent region, and Sonora Resort strives to keep the animals safe and secure as they thrive in their natural habitat.

In order to do so, Sonora practices ethical wildlife watching. Photography is done from a distance using proper equipment like binoculars and telephoto lenses. Noise and activities are kept to a minimum to avoid putting stress on the wildlife and their surrounding environment. Guided tours are conducted along pre-trodden trails to avoid damaging natural vegetation. And throughout the wildlife experiences offered, education is imparted with passion, sharing the incredible biodiversity of the area.

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Left: Seaweed from a boat expedition. Right: Sea lions bathing in the sun

Contemporary Cuisine

Executive Chef Justine Smith and her talented culinary team take pride in their use of local, seasonal ingredients to create sophisticated, contemporary fare. From freshly caught Dungeness crab, spot prawns, scallops, and steelhead, to sous vide short ribs and Tomahawk steaks made using organic, locally-sourced meats, the meals are masterful, with a commitment to sustainability.

The on-property herb garden provides a bounty of fresh ingredients and tender micro-greens, and when possible, the culinary team forages for fresh wildflowers and berries, taking inspiration from the land to produce stories on the plate. 

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Left: Lamp chop with carrots, miso, wilted greens, sesame snaps. Right: Smoked albacore tuna, yuzu, dashi, japanese mayo

Responsible Fishing

The wild west coast of BC is a paradise for anglers, offering some of the finest fishing found in the Pacific Northwest. At Sonora, guests can catch Rainbow and Cutthroat trout or hook Chinook salmon alongside experienced and knowledgeable guides, using state-of-the-art equipment and taking only what is needed on saltwater fishing trips.

Through partaking in the true west coast style of sport fishing, guests don’t just catch-and-release, they learn about the practice of preservation while adhering to the regulations set by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Sonora Resort is proud to partner with local organizations such as the Gillard Pass Salmon Hatchery to protect our local salmon stocks through restoration efforts and enhancement of the nearby river systems.

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Left: View from the room of surrounding islands. Right: Canoeing on nearby lake

Reduced Carbon Footprint

To further support their green efforts, Sonora strives to reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible. For getting around, resort transportation relies on electric carts, and high-efficiency diesel generators are used for moderate energy consumption. Safe and clean drinking water is derived from several wells on the property providing filtered and chemical-free water without negatively impacting the natural surroundings. Eco-friendly cleaning products are used on-site, and reduced-flow showerheads and low-flush toilets are in each guest room to ensure responsible water consumption.

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Left: View of the resort from boat. Right: David Rochette (dining room manager) and Justine (chef)

Conscientious Construction

From cozy suites with vaulted ceilings and stunning sea views, to spacious villas in spectacularly secluded settings, the accommodations at Sonora Resort are made with an infrastructure that is as luxurious as it is sustainable. The beauty of the outdoors is brought inside with cedar and stone craftsmanship, and floor-to-ceiling windows found throughout the property.

During construction, the natural shoreline remained untouched, and for each meter of disrupted natural vegetation, 10 meters of aquatic vegetation was planted to ensure a thriving natural environment.

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Left: Sea Lion Villa. Right: Eagle Rock Lodge

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