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Farmer’s Markets in the Thompson Okanagan

By Ann-Marie Livingston/

Great Taste of Canada

This spring, we would like to take the opportunity to discuss why it’s important to shop local by highlighting the farmers’ markets throughout the region and showcasing the elements that go along with them. The Thompson Okanagan has a strong agricultural and artisan presence for us all to enjoy.

By supporting the small and local businesses within the region, every dollar goes directly to the farmers, bakers, and vendors which fuels the local economy. Purchasing directly from growers in the region is just one way we can promote the local communities, and agriculture to better the environment for future generations to come. Visiting farmer's markets allows us to not only support a fellow neighbour, but to receive our groceries knowing they have traveled less than 300 km from the field to our plates, compared to the standard North American meal, which travels over 2400 km. Appreciate the bountiful harvest and enjoy the comfort of knowing where your foods and goods are coming from and who’s helped to grow and create them.

Shopping at a local Farmer’s Market directly relates to The 7 Affirmations for 7 Generations Thompson Okanagan Pledge and the 6th affirmation, “Choose to buy locally and you’ll transform riches into enrichment”. Shopping locally is not only about the food and the earth, but it’s also about connection with the people.

Explore the Regional Markets by Sub Region

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