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Our Place is a Safe Space

Enjoy your safe, inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly trip to Canada!

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Great Taste of Canada

Feeling safe and welcomed is statistically the number one consideration for LGBTQ+ travellers and our families throughout the world when planning a trip, based on a 2020 survey done by the CGLCC. We want to ensure we have an amazing time in places where we are more than just tolerated or accepted - instead, we are welcomed and appreciated.

Canada has numerous hotels, restaurants, and attractions that openly embrace diversity and inclusion. They have made a commitment to do more than put a Pride flag in a window. Rainbow Registered businesses have gone through a rigorous process to become accredited as LGBTQ+ friendly with the only certification endorsed by the Federal government of Canada. Being Rainbow Registered demonstrates a commitment and consistent effort to provide a welcome and accepting experience for LGBTQ+ customers through progressive policies and practices.

"We welcome guests from around the world to explore the Rideau Canal, one of Canada's UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was important for us to let the LGBTQ+ community know that when they are on our boats and interacting with our staff that they are free to be their authentic selves," says Lisa Mclean, Long Haul Marketing for Le Boat. "The Rainbow Registered accreditation lets our guests know that they will be warmly welcomed in a safe and inclusive environment."

Whether part of the LGBTQ+ community or wanting to learn more about the businesses who support us, planning your next trip to Canada should include a visit to

Rainbow Registered Sets the Bar for Corporate LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

The program sets a rigorous set of standards that companies must meet before earning the Rainbow Registered mark and the benefits that go along with it. The standards focus on four key areas, including policies and practices, training, commitment to inclusive leadership, and a culture of inclusivity. The program starts by encouraging businesses to look inward, examining how they are operating and doing business, finding areas that may be perpetuating unconscious biases, then working closely with CGLCC to forge a path forward to becoming more inclusive.

“The Rainbow Registered program is a way for companies to affirm their position on LGBTQ+ rights and make it clear what their stance is,” said Darrell Schuurman, Chief Executive Officer of Canada’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce. “It’s no longer enough to talk about inclusivity. Consumers and employees around the world are now wanting clear actionable steps that show a business’s values align with their own.”

Find out more about Rainbow Registered businesses at today!

About Canada’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Canada’s LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) links LGBTQ+ businesses in Canada to the wider business and corporate community. It fosters economic growth by supporting and nurturing LGBTQ+ businesses, entrepreneurs, students and allies, and by helping Canada’s corporate world connect with the LGBTQ+ business community.

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