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Discovering International Delights in Kamloops

By Tourism Kamloops/

Great Taste of Canada

If you're looking to broaden your culinary horizons and try something new, Kamloops is the perfect place to explore. This charming city in British Columbia may have once been overlooked by foodies in favour of bigger urban centres, but today it's a destination in its own right. 

From spicy Indian curries to savoury Bannock-wiches, Kamloops offers a diverse range of international cuisine that's sure to tantalise your taste buds. And with local ingredients that are fresh and abundant, the city's restaurants have no shortage of creative and delicious dishes to offer. In this guide, we've explored some of the best international eateries in Kamloops, so get ready to treat your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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    Jamaican Kitchen | Jamaican

    451 Tranquille Road

    Jamaican Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant in Kamloops that specialises in authentic Jamaican dishes with a twist on Canadian favourites. Their must-try dish is the Jamaican Sunshine eggs benny, made with poached eggs, smoked jerk pulled pork, rum-hollandaise, spinach, and served on Jamaican Johnny cakes with sweet potatoes. Owners Kamau and Denese Metsimela bring their Caribbean roots to the menu and ambiance, creating a homey feel where you can enjoy Jamaican beverages and sodas like Pink Ting and Cola Champagne.

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    Jamaican Kitchen | Photo credit: Dylan Sherrard
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    Kekuli Cafe | Indigenous

    3550 Carrington Road #307

    Kekuli Cafe is a unique dining experience in Kamloops, combining traditional indigenous food with a contemporary cafe vibe. A must-try is their PowWow Power Bowls, featuring Saskatoon BBQ Chicken, Scrambled Beef, or Blueberry Venison with homemade salsa, rice, and veggies. Owners Sharon Bond-Hogg and Darren Hogg wanted to create a welcoming environment that celebrates indigenous culture, featuring aboriginal music, local ingredients, and bannock in almost every dish. They use Organic and Fair Trade Espresso, making them a fan-favourite for coffee lovers. Kekuli Cafe has locations in West Kelowna and Merrit and is a must-visit for anyone looking for a taste of indigenous culture in Kamloops.

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    Kekuli Cafe | Photo credit: Indigenous Tourism BC / Brendin Kelly
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    Madras Masala Grill | Indian

    120 3 Avenue

    If you're looking for authentic South Indian cuisine in Kamloops, look no further than this hidden gem. A must-try dish is their Paneer Masala Dosa, stuffed with potato masala and grated paneer and served with spicy chutney and sambhar. This slow-made, vibrantly decorated restaurant is a popular spot for Thompson Rivers University international students craving a taste of home. They're the best and only place in the city to get truly authentic dosa. Using tandoori clay ovens for cooking, they offer a variety of dishes and bread that are perfect for those who are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. Despite being off the beaten track, this local's restaurant is a top contender for anyone looking for an authentic South Indian food experience in Kamloops.

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    Madras Masala Grill | Photo credit: @heybethtaylor
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    Amsterdam Restaurant | Dutch

    111 Oriole Road, Unit 1

    If you're looking for a taste of Amsterdam in Kamloops, then Amsterdam Restaurant is the perfect spot for you. They offer a variety of Dutch delights, including their Dutch Beef Kroketten. This dish consists of two small rolls of braised beef and tender vegetable stew, breaded and fried to perfection, topped with garlic dill pickle, and accompanied by grainy mustard and Dutch mayonnaise for dipping. Amsterdam is also the go-to breakfast place in town for big portions and the best tiny crispy hashbrowns. They use fresh local ingredients in everything, including their savoury Dutch Pannenkoeks, Belgian waffles, fresh fruit, healthy, and gluten-free choices. Their friendly and accommodating staff goes the extra mile to make your visit special, especially for kids.

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    Amsterdam Restaurant | Photo credit: @heybethtaylor
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    Peter’s Pasta | Italian

    149 Victoria Street

    Peter's Pasta is the local hotspot for pasta-lovers in Kamloops. This family-owned restaurant has been serving traditional Italian dishes since 1986, using local and regional ingredients. Head chef Barry Persaud prepares delicious meals, including their famous Seafood Puttanesca, made with sautéed prawns, scallops, and shrimp in a marinara sauce over linguine with capers and black olives. Meanwhile, Nicole Persaud welcomes everyone with her big personality and treats them like family. It's a local favourite for date night or a special evening out, and there's often a lineup out the door.

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    Peter’s Pasta | Photo credit: Olsen Imaging
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    Yew Street Food Hall | Various

    107 Yew Street

    Yew Street Food Hall is a recent addition to Kamloops' food scene that offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. This new food hall houses ten different food and drink vendors, each with its unique concept, from artisanal to niche restaurants, all in one vibrant location. The Yew Street Food Hall draws inspiration from food halls worldwide and is the perfect spot for foodies to explore and indulge in the North Shore community's core. Among the many restaurants located in the hall are Mittz and Co, Duck Duck Pork, Lemongrass, Taco Rojos, Porcini Pasta Fresca, and Brews on Yew. While there are plenty of delicious options to choose from, some of the must-try international dishes include the flavorful Laksa, a spicy and creamy coconut milk soup served with noodles at Lemongrass Vietnamese Restaurant and any of the mouth-watering mexican-inspired tacos at Tacos Rojas.

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    Yew Street Food Hall | Photo credit: @heybethtaylor

These international restaurants are just a taste of what Kamloops has to offer. With its diverse culinary scene and abundance of fresh local ingredients, there are countless more international eats waiting to be discovered in this vibrant city. From Thai to Greek to Korean cuisine, the options are endless. So next time you're in Kamloops, be sure to explore and discover some of the hidden gems the city has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you!