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CBA Winners Header Helena Lopes via Pexels

Cheers to the Canadian Brewing Awards Winners!

By Sarah Israel/

The Canadian Brewing Awards (CBAs) took place last night in Hamilton, Ontario! The CBAs are an opportunity for Canadian majority-owned breweries of all sizes to compete in a sanctioned blind tasting to determine the best beers in 61 style categories.

Canadian Brewing Award medals are a widely recognized symbol of Canadian brewing excellence and you may have seen them on display at your favourite brewery. Today, we're raising a glass to all the 2024 winners and highlighting a few cool categories that you should look out for on your next trip to the store.


Brewery of the Year

2024 Winner: Boxing Rock Brewing Company, Nova Scotia

Boxing Rock was founded in 2012 by two engineers with a passion for craft beer. According to local folklore, Boxing Rock is where bickering seafarers were left by their captain to sort out their differences. The choice: box until only one could return to the ship or shake hands and share a beer.  Either way, there are only a few short hours until high tide, so drink up! They're proud to brew their beer on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in beautiful Shelburne.

2023 Winner: Muddy York Brewing Company, Ontario

2022 Winner: Howe Sound Brewing, British Columbia

Boxing Rock Brewing

Best of Show

2024 Winner: Corsaire Dark Mild by Corsaire Microbrasserie, Quebec

Corsaire is more than a brewery: their production facility also houses a pub, a tasting room and a coffee roastery. Their focus is on British beer styles, and the Corsaire Dark Mild stands as a classic example of a British session ale readily suited to sipping over the course of an evening with friends.  

2023 Winner: Dwarf Sour Cherry Sour by Blindman Brewing, Alberta

2022 Winner: Faber Belgian Tripel by Microbrasserie La Souche, Quebec

Intriguing Categories

The CBAs award medals in 61 style categories, which makes for a lot of winners on the podium! Here are a few gold medallists that caught our eye:

European Style Lager (Pilsner): Jupiter by Paniza Brewing, Ontario

No to Low Alcohol Beer: Zero People Skills Ale by Tool Shed Brewing Co., Alberta

Low Alcohol Beer: Mild Sedation Lagered Ale by Long Bay Brewery, New Brunswick

Gluten Free Beer: Quick Witted Belgian Wit by Grey Fox Brewing, British Columbia

Herb and Spice Beer: Lost In the Zone Pt.1 Raspberry Ginger Kettle Sour by Imperial City Brew House, Ontario

Historic/Regional Beers: Range Life Wild Ale by The Establishment Brewing Co., Alberta

Honey/Maple/Alternative Sugar Lager or Ale: Jobsolet Cavalry Soldier Maple Imperial Stout by Obsolete Brewing Co., Manitoba

For the full list of winners, visit the CBA website. Congratulations to all the participating breweries!

Header photo by Helena Lopez via Pexels