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Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar



The Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar stands as a coastal-inspired culinary haven, drawing in locals and visitors alike with its fresh seafood offerings and coastal charm. Situated amid the town's vibrant atmosphere, this establishment captures the essence of seaside dining, transporting guests to the shores through its inviting ambiance. 

The Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar boasts a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, characterized by nautical accents, breezy décor, and a welcoming coastal vibe. Whitewashed wood, maritime-themed decor, and hints of azure hues create an ambiance reminiscent of a seaside retreat, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation and culinary adventure. 

At the core of Sand and Pearl lies its dedication to providing an unparalleled seafood experience. The menu showcases an array of freshly shucked oysters, along with an assortment of other delectable seafood options. From succulent lobster rolls to exquisite seafood platters, each dish is a testament to the chef's commitment to quality and flavour. 

Whether it's a casual lunch, a romantic dinner for two, or a gathering of seafood enthusiasts, the Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar provides a charming and inviting space. Its outdoor patio, adorned with coastal touches and offering glimpses of the town's energy, provides a delightful setting for guests to savour the flavours of the sea. 

The Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar in Picton, Ontario is a coastal culinary escape, where the freshest catch meets seaside ambiance, promising patrons an unforgettable dining experience filled with coastal flavours and seaside charm.

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1705 County Rd 12
Prince Edward, ON
K0K 2T0

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