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Tourism Mississauga

Dazzle your tastebuds with a diverse food experience in Mississauga. Located along the shores of Lake Ontario and home to Pearson International Airport, this unique and vibrant city is home to a huge variety of global cuisines, comfort food, fine dining and more. In fact, no matter where you’re from, it’s always easy to find a taste of home without leaving the city. 

Consider planning a day, weekend or your next vacation to globetrot around beautiful Mississauga. From authentic Korean BBQ and Iraqui street food to Mediterranean seafood stops, Thai delicacies and sooo much more- there is plenty to be explored. In between all that food, there are also lovely hiking trails and views of the Great Lakes to savour. 

Charming neighbourhoods offer up the opportunity to discover the city’s unique blend of flavours that reflects the cultural diversity here as you savour a rich mosaic of fare. Whether you’re looking to pick up a coffee and a croissant, a hearty noodle bowl, a little tapas, birria tacos, or even a lobster poutine, you’ll find it in a Mississauga eatery. 

With a thriving arts and cultural community, you’ll have no problem finding a mouth-watering meal to pair up with your next concert, theatre performance or a jaunt through one of Mississauga’s many museums and galleries (just save the food for outside these spots, ok?). Plus, you can’t leave without taking in one of the city’s many festivals hosted throughout the year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next gourmet getaway to Mississauga at

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