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Allergy-Friendly Eateries in Medicine Hat

By Tourism Medicine Hat/

Great Taste of Canada

Catering to almost all allergies and preferences.

A lot of the time, you can walk in and find at least one thing you can eat at any spot. We’ve created a list of guarantee allergy-friendly places that go the extra mile to give you a dish or dessert you won't forget, whether you're Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, or Vegetarian!

Dairy Free 

  • 01

    The Hat's Olive Tap

    519 2nd Street SE

    This olive and balsamic taphouse prides themselves on an allergy-friendly menu. Everything is made fresh to order using the oils and balsamics in the store, so many of the dressings and soups are already dairy-free. From salads, to melts, rice bowls, and cold sandwiches, there is no sparse list for those who can’t digest dairy. Menu items can be made vegan and gluten-free

    Local Tip: Order a smoothie or freshly-pressed juice to boost your energy levels!

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  • 02

    Camp Ice Cream

    Bay 1 - 1870A 6th Ave SW

    A sweet creamy treat isn’t far away when you’re in Medicine Hat. Along with fruity sorbets, CAMP Ice Cream has a chocolate delight dairy-free ice cream that brings all your fudgy dreams to life. Buy the pint or a scoop, whichever your cravings desire.

    Local Tip: Ask for a sugar cone, as it’s completely vegan!

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  • 03

    Redwood Steakhouse & Bar

    1051 Ross Glen Dr SE

    For those looking for exquisite meat, poultry, and seafood, Redwood Steakhouse & Bar is the place to impress. Located inside the Medicine Hat Lodge, you have the option to dine inside or on the patio and enjoy a dairy-free dish that will satisfy.

    Local Tip: Browse the wine list to find the perfect pairing to your dish.

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  • 04

    Takumi Japanese Restaurant

    23 8th Street NW

    The longest menu is full of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and, for something steamy on those cooler days, ramen. Order a feast and dine in, or take it to a park and have a picnic, either way, this menu with an abundance of dairy-free options is sure to please. 

    Local Tip: Check out the appetizer menu for more options.

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Gluten Free

  • 01

    Be. Gluten Free Market

    3 939 Kingsway Ave SE

    If you’re looking for snacks to have throughout the day, or to take with you at the end of your trip (everyone loves a good snack stash during a road trip), Be. Gluten Free market is a space dedicated for tasty snacks that contain zero gluten.

    Local Tip: Some of their products are locally sourced — be sure to check those labels!

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  • 02

    Station Coffee Company

    644 2nd St SE

    Simply looking for a sweet treat to satisfy a craving? Station Coffee Company has perfected gluten-free desserts with their muffins, cheesecakes and many other treats. In the display case, you can look at every option that’s labeled gluten-free and decide what you’d like best.

    Local Tip: Browse their drink menu to pair with your dessert. 

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  • 03

    Thai Orchid Room

    336 Strachan Court SE

    Everything on Thai Orchid Room’s menu is gluten-free, unless stated otherwise (which is only a few things)! From noodle bowls, classic curries, and signature seafood, this list goes on and on, and gluten-free folks have a variety to choose from.

    Local Tip: If you’re adventurous, ask the server to surprise you with their most popular gluten-free dish!

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  • 01

    Medicine Hat Brewing Company

    1366 Brier Park Dr NW

    Medicine Hat Brewing Company’s Vegan Pretzel & Mustard is the perfect snack in between meals or activities. The pretzels are baked to order. They steam as they arrive at your table, and pulling them apart is so satisfying to watch, since it’s the softest bread you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Grainy mustard that’s horseradish forward comes on the side and startles your taste buds in the best way possible. 

    Local Tip: Their salads are a refreshing option for those looking for a light meal!

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  • 02

    Poolhouse Café & Roastery

    550 3rd Street SE

    This is the spot for sweet treats if you’re vegan. Cheesecake, chia seed pudding, muesli cups, peanut butter cups, and their daily rotating desserts are in the display case with signs indicating which are gluten-free and vegan. The best part is it’s all prepared and baked in-house! 

    Local Tip: Grab a cup of in-house roasted coffee to pair with your favourite dessert!

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  • 03

    Izote Latin Cocina

    650 3rd Street SE

    Izote Latin Cocina made sure vegans and vegetarians can try pupusas, the national dish of El Salvador! This is the spot for a three course meal. Start with tortillas fritas and dip, have vegan pupusas and/or vegan tacos for dinner, and end with a sweet tooth with their platanos fritos. A lot of their food is also gluten-free, because they cook with corn flour.

    Local Tip: In the summer, ask for their hibiscus flower drink, jamaica, made in-house!

  • 04

    Moose & Squirrel Bistro

    651 2nd Street E

    This is a seasonal spot only open during the summer. 

    Bruschetta without the cheese. You receive a whole garlic bulb that’s so soft and can be easily spread onto the toasted bread before topping it off with the made-to-order bruschetta. This outdoor patio-style bistro also has a vegan wrap, burger, “pulled pork” sandwich (made with jackfruit), and for dessert, sorbet with rotating flavours in a vegan waffle cone. 

    Local Tip: Order their mojito cocktail or mocktail — it comes with a scoop of sorbet and is a refreshing start to the meal!

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  • 01

    Sabai Infusion

    638 2nd Street SE

    Sabai Infusion’s menu is large with authentic recipes from Thailand and include a handful of options for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. The tofu is crisp, the sauce is divine, and the vegetables are cooked to perfection. It’s as easy as letting the owner, or your server know you’re vegetarian or vegan, and they will happily show you your options, like this buddha curry and tofu jungle salad. 

    Local Tip: Definitely take a peek at the appetizer menu for vegetable spring rolls!

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  • 02

    Tracy's Place the Chocolate Shop

    515A 4th Ave SE

    A must-go breakfast/brunch spot when you’re vegetarian is Tracy’s Place the Chocolate Shop. Omelets, eggs benedicts, pancakes, waffles, salads made fresh to order, quesadillas, and a veggie burger are all on the menu and ready to be devoured by a hungry human during the early hours of the day. Is there a better way to start the day than at a nostalgic diner with vegetarian and gluten-free options?

    Local Tip: Bring your gluten-free friend, because there are gluten-free pancakes and toast! 

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  • 03

    Grit City Distillery

    680 S Railway St.

    Widely known for their thin-crust pizza that’s freshly made and oven-baked in-house, Grit City Distillery has three kinds of vegetarian pizzas, from four cheese, to dill pickle, and greek. If you and your friends like ordering a feast and sharing, the appetizer and salad menu is the perfect list with a handful of options.

    Local Tip: Try a cocktail that features the liquors and liqueurs they make in their distillery next door!

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  • 04

    Cafe Verve

    1775 Dunmore Road SE

    Soups, quiches, hot and cold sandwiches, and desserts, there is no short of vegetarian options at Cafe Verve. The bread is sourced locally from their next door neighbours, McBride’s Bakery, and the menu also has options for vegan and dairy-free folks! Those looking for a gluten-free snack can also find a nice sweet treat here. 

    Local Tip: Take a look at the art on the walls as you walk in, or while you wait for your meal to be prepared!

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