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Canadas 100 Best Bar Kismet

Celebrating Canada's 100 Best Restaurants List 2024!

Par Sarah Israel/

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list was just released and it’s brimming with dining options from coast to coast to coast! Today, we’re sharing all the spots you need to add to your 2024 dining bucket list.

What is Canada’s 100 Best?

Canada’s 100 Best is a yearly guide to the best dining destinations across the country. As a former restaurant critic, Editor-in-chief Jacob Richler was often asked for dining recommendations. To Richler, this information was too good not to share, which led him to launch Canada’s 100 Best ten years ago.

How are restaurants selected?

A panel of 150 judges is assembled to vote for restaurants based on the complete dining experience: service, décor, the depth of the cellar — and, above all else, food quality. Each judge must vote for a minimum of three restaurants outside of their home region. The panel includes informed culinary enthusiasts, food writers and critics, chefs, restaurateurs and other food-service professionals.

Canada’s Best Restaurants by Province


23. River Cafe, Calgary

25. Eight, Calgary

46. D.O.P., Calgary

52. Major Tom, Calgary

76. ÄnkôrCanmore

British Columbia

7. Published on Main, Vancouver

10. Kissa Tanto, Vancouver

14. St. Lawrence, Vancouver

16. L’Abattoir, Vancouver

20. AnnaLena, Vancouver

27. Marilena, Victoria

31. Wild Blue, Whistler (Chef Jasper Cruickshank also won this year’s Canadian Culinary Championship!)

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39. Deer + Almond, Winnipeg

74. Clementine, Winnipeg

92. Yujiro, Winnipeg


36. Portage, St. John’s

57. Fogo Island Inn, Joe Batt’s Arm

Nova Scotia

9. Bar Kismet, Halifax


2. Edulis, Toronto

3. Alo, Toronto

4. 20 Victoria, Toronto

5. Langdon Hall, Cambridge

6. Restaurant Pearl Morissette, Jordan Station

26. Hexagon, Oakville

28. Riviera, Ottawa

40. The Pine, Creemore

85. Oddbird, St. Catharines

For the full list of Toronto restaurants, click here.


1. Mon LapinMontréal

8. Beba, Verdun

11. MonarqueMontréal

13. Montréal PlazaMontréal

32. La Cabane d’à Côté, St-Benoît de Mirabel

41. Joe BeefMontréal

58 Auberge St-Mathieu, St-Mathieu du Parc

60 Tanière3, Québec City

89 Arvi, Québec City

91 Espace Old Mill, Stanbridge East

For the full list of Montreal restaurants, click here.


88. Hearth, Saskatoon

Click here to see the complete list of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants, and follow @CanadaCulinary on Instagram to keep up with the best food and drink experiences from coast to coast to coast.

Header Photo: Bar Kismet via Canada’s 100 Best